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I hate it when people establish a blog with grand hype and hyperbole, and then go silent for months or years.   Each time you log on, you see their last post was when the first season of American Idol was on and none of the topics are relevant anymore.

Well, that’s me.  I was all excited about this new venture and got caught up in the wave a few years ago, only to have life and work get busy.  Since my first posts, my original inspirations for the blog have moved on.   The kids don’t live at home anymore.   My parents have both passed away. My husband and I downsized and moved to a new house that was small enough for just us, but big enough to eventually welcome a bunch of grandkids.  Then he came home one day and asked if I minded if we moved halfway across the country.  So we did.

Now I sit in a new space with a new perspective, and while my dedication to the website and blog may have waned a bit, the dedication to my work remains the same.  I’m still just a phone call or email away from my existing clients, and hopefully closer to some new ones.  And I’m in the process of dusting off the blog and looking for new inspirations in a different part of the country.   In the meantime, there are some old posts here that actually do still apply and might give you some food for research thought.   Let me know if they make you hungry for information about your customers or products!





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