About Sally Markham….

I’m a freelance market research consultant, with more years of both corporate and vendor experience than my youthful appearance would suggest.  Personally, I’m a proud mother of two and an equally proud wife…inspired by my family on a daily basis to do good work so I can be proud of myself as well.

Professionally, I pride myself on ensuring clients understand what research can and can not do, on making sure they are informed while their project is underway and that they receive the greatest results at the best possible value.  I would love to have the opportunity to discuss what I can do for you, your company or your product/service.  And I’d love for you to subscribe to my blog so we can keep in touch and share some thoughts.

Markets in Motion




3 Responses to About Sally Markham….

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    • Sheila Burns says:

      It may be a stupid question, but I am asking anyway. Do you have a transcriptionist? I have been a transcriptionist for over 10 years now specializing in Focus Groups. Any chance you need my help?

      • Good come back Sheila! And yes, I occasionally do use transciptionists. Not as much anymore as the industry is moving away from traditional focus groups, but occasionally I stumble across these projects. If you want to send me your contact info, I will be happy to keep it in my files and will be in touch if I have a need for your services in the future.

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