coverJust to get my new website up and running, I had to quickly come up with some artwork to place at the top of the page.  Because I don’t have a logo and didn’t want to be accused of stealing someone’s pictures off the Internet, I decided to snap a quick photo of a glass Frabel statue that my husband gave me in May 2004.  It’s called Motion.  He had a label added to the opposite side with my company name and the date, to memorialize the first day of what we both hoped would be many to come as a sole proprietor/consultant/chief-bottle-washer.

In reality I just took the photo on my phone, moving the piece to several places in my kitchen before finding a spot without a pile of mail or stack of dirty dishes in the background.  I figured I just needed a placeholder and could always change it to something a little more professional at some point.  However, as I’ve looked more at the picture, I’ve come to realize that it actually does say a lot more about me and my company than I thought it did at first.

It represents motion and movement, something that I think signifies the world around me and how important it is to use research to stay in touch with one’s customers as they evolve and adapt to this constant change.  It’s the reason I chose my company name and cheesy motto.

The design of the sculpture itself does represent how many times I feel like I’m running in circles, trying to match the perfect methodology with a strapped budget and monstrous objectives.

And the shadows represent how I usually work; behind the scenes, quietly conducting the research that ultimately forms a story for my clients.  Sometimes I get to make an appearance.  Sometimes I’m hidden, working as a third party sub-contractor by a company that needs research services on a temporary or short term basis, but doesn’t want the overhead of a full-time employee.

So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something that started out as a quick solution to a problem, eventually turned out to be something entirely different when I took a step back and looked at it again.   I’m betting your company has issues that could benefit from seeing them through the lens of others as well.    Give me a call and I’ll be happy to run in some circles for you too.  And I’ll even stay in the shadows if that’s what it takes to help your company remain in motion.



About marketsinmotion

Freelance market research consultant working magic for clients every day!
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