Markets in Motion

Markets in Motion was started in 2004 after I found myself having to turn away prospective customers whose budgets weren’t large enough and objectives weren’t complex enough to fit the profile of projects the consulting company I worked for preferred.  Realizing not everyone needed nor could afford large scale ventures, I decided to target those companies that deserved quality research services, but didn’t have deep pockets.  I appreciated that they understood the need to better know their marketplace, but also knew that if it came to making payroll or conducting research, they were going to choose the former, hands down.

So I took my task to heart and now, many years later, I have conducted a couple hundred such projects, covering the globe and helping both big and little companies with everything from product development, messaging and communications programs to brand awareness and customer satisfaction.  And just because their budgets were limited, it didn’t mean their information needs were.

If you can relate, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help fit a custom research project into your budget as well.   Join my list of clients that have found it’s important not to stand still while your market is in motion.